PRAGESTT 2022: Participation

How do I sign up for the conference if I want to present my work?
Please, see and fill the following form in German where you also post your work resumé. Thank you!

How should I write an abstract?
The abstract should involve a brief and eloquent description of your presentation with following information:
     •   Focus and field of interest;
     •   Methodology and conclusions;
     •   Meaning und perspective for research;
     •   Chief arguments and statements;
     •   Keywords und questions;
     •   Your German should be of high standard.

What is to avoid in the abstract?
     •   Do not mention the name or length of the work or your supporter;
•   Courtesy can be expressed in your e-mails or during your presentation;
     •   The same applies to sources. You can save them for the presentation;
     •   We as German scholars and student know how good some authors and their work are. There is no need to praise them in your abstract;
     •   Detailed author’s biography is also unnecessary;
     •   Links to any of author’s websites.

Conference & Arrangements

Where does PRAGESTT take place and how do I get there?
As many other conferences and events, PRAGESTT, too, had to adjust to the highly unpredictable measures adopted to combat the pandemics. PRAGESTT is therefore going to take place online from the 11th to 12th of March 2022 via Zoom Meetings. The links will be sent in due time. Each presentation room will be protected by a password. Please, contact us if you want to attend a particular presentation – you will receive its link and password. Further information available here.

What form should the presentation have?
The form of your presentation is entirely at your discretion. You can either show your presentation projected on a screen with properly adjusted camera or use Zoom’s features for sharing your desktop or presentations. The latter option is highly preferred.

Is there a security risk to present online?
No. Zoom is a perfectly safe platform. Ever since the pandemics broke out, it has been widely used by universities in order to ensure classes.

I do not come from (Central) Europe and live in a different time zone. Will this fact be taken into account?
We are of course beware of this possibility, too. The meetings will take place between 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CET. We would like to ask you for your cooperation and willingness to reach a compromise between our and your needs. Each participating country beyond the CET zone will be taken into account.

Further Information

Is there a participation fee?
In order to engage as many students as possible there are no fees charged.

May I attend even without my own presentation?
Passive participants welcome. Please, contact us if you want to attend a particular presentation – you will receive its link and password. Further information available here.

May I obtain a participant’s confirmation even as passive participant?
If necessary we can provide it, too.

Are the presentations published? Will there be a publication of all conference presentations?
There is nothing of this kind since we also welcome participants with no previous experiences.