PRAGESTT 2024: Participation

How do I sign up for the conference if I want to present my work?
Please, see and fill the following form in German. 

How should I write an abstract?
The abstract should involve a brief and eloquent description of your presentation with following information:
     •   Focus and field of interest;
     •   Methodology and conclusions;
     •   Meaning und perspective for research;
     •   Chief arguments and statements;
     •   Keywords und questions;
     •   Your German should be of high standard.

What is to avoid in the abstract?
     •   Do not mention the name or length of the work or your supporter;
•   Courtesy can be expressed in your e-mails or during your presentation;
     •   The same applies to sources. You can save them for the presentation;
     •   We as German scholars and student know how good some authors and their work are. There is no need to praise them in your abstract;
     •   Detailed author’s biography is also unnecessary;
     •   Links to any of author’s websites.

Further Information

Is there a participation fee?
In order to engage as many students as possible there are no fees charged.

May I obtain a participant’s confirmation even as passive participant?
If necessary we can provide it, too.

Are the presentations published? Will there be a publication of all conference presentations?
There is nothing of this kind since we also welcome participants with no previous experiences.